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Bruized is on a mission to upcycle imperfect produce into healthy eats.
100% Plant-based​, All Natural, and Handmade. 

The BEST Chocolate
Cookie EVER!

Like, wow, what a wonderful chocolate cookie. Delicious all around, not too sweet and sooo chocolatey. This is cookie perfection. I truly dream about this cookie. Sigh!

- Ling on Dec 20, 2021

Holy moly, I'm obsessed!

This is hands-down the best granola I've ever tasted. It's crunchy with the perfect amount of give, and the flavour is amazing—sweet but not cloying with a touch of something warming. I absolutely love it. And the clusters! It doesn't turn into a powder like so many way less delicious store-bought granolas do. I'm so happy to have discovered Pulp Crunch! I'll never go back!

- Terra on Sep 29, 2021

Best Product EVER

Trying this chutney elevated my breakfasts so much! I love it on toast with ricotta cheese. It is the most delicious thing ever! Seriously 12/10, a must try!

- Grace Tenszen on Jan 19, 2021

What makes an apple imperfect?

The truth is, nature comes in variety- and we're not about tossing away local, farm-fresh fruits just because they don't fit the selective market aesthetic. That's why we're on a mission to rescue good food from going to waste!

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