Bruized was created from a passion project to combat food waste through education and yummy eats. We want you to feel good about what you fuel your body with while helping divert food from the trash. Our ultimate vision is to create as minimal waste as possible by repurposing imperfect produce destined to be thrown out, into healthy affordable products. We also strive to do this by promoting a zero-waste lifestyle through offering all our products in up-cycled or reusable materials that customers can continue reusing in their own lives. We believe in the importance of taking responsibility for the earth around us and hope to lead by example through providing a sustainable option. We are a collective starting a revolution to change our food systems. Join us on this mission.

Our products are all made from scratch with plants and love in Toronto, ON. Health is very important to us and we want to provide you with the nourishment your body deserves. We create our products surrounding the notion of a whole food plant-based lifestyle in order for you to fully thrive and experience the many benefits this earth offers.




Monique studied food waste in her last year of university and this newfound knowledge sparked inspiration to create a change in the current food industry. With her complimenting passions of plant-based cooking, sustainability and health, she envisioned a business and community that could highlight all these topics and thus Bruized was born.



Eva became increasingly passionate and inspired about plant-based healthy eating and the importance of sustainable living by working and spending time in the outdoors. After graduating with a degree in psychology, Eva teamed up with Monique to help her with the Bruized business vision.