10 Ways to Reuse your Pulp Crunch Jar

We sell our Pulp Crunch in glass jars as we believe glass is truly the most sustainable way to go when selling a product. It can be recycled indefinitely (compared to plastics which can only be recycled 1 or 2 times) and it has no chance of leaching any toxins!

If you are a jar collector as we are, we’d like to share a few (and there are many more) ways that you can upcycle, reuse and add new life to your empty Pulp Crunch jar (or any glass jar for that matter)!

1. Use as a vessel when shopping in bulk - a classic zero waste move.

Storing some turmeric powder and pumpkin seeds in upcycled jars.

2. Hold your propagated plants in it!

Propagated Pothos

3. Drink out of it

Something about drinking about of a mason jar just has a certain rugged aesthetic to it via Kitchen Treaty

4. Store your compost in it when you are out and about and there is no bin

Stashed some banana peels in my jar while out and about to compost later

5. Use as a coffee/smoothie mug on the go

At farmers markets and stores if you're on the go and ask for your drink to be put in your own jar, most servers will happily do so.

6. Use as a container for on the go lunch or snack

Local cherry tomatoes are always a great choice ;)

7. Toothbrush holder!

Any jar will do for this

8. Flower vase!

No need to clutter you cupboards with extra vases just for flowers. Via Wedding Chicks

9. Make it your sewing kit

You won't get any needles poking out in this kit ;)

10. Store jewelry in it while travelling

A great way for jewelry to not get bent as long as you don't mind doing some untangling...

How do you use your Pulp Crunch jars? Tag us with #Bruizedreused on Instagram to show us and for a chance to be featured! Let’s keep the life of these jars going beyond just your Bruized snacks, to reduce waste and incorporate more plastic-free habits in your routine!

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