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10 Ways to Reuse your Pulp Crunch jar

If you are a jar collector like me, here are a few ways that you can upcycle, reuse and add new life to your empty Pulp Crunch jar (or any glass jar for that matter)!

1. Vessel for bulk shopping - a classic zero waste move!
Two clear upcycled jam jars, one filled with turmeric powder and the other with pumpkin seeds.
Storing some turmeric powder and pumpkin seeds in upcycled jars.

2. Propagate your plants
Propagated Pothos in a glass jar
Propagated Pothos- just be sure you cut below the nodes!

3. Prep iced tea + fruit infused water
Safe to pour your hot tea in before storing it in the fridge to cool! Something about drinking about of a mason jar just has a certain rugged aesthetic to it. Photo via Kitchen Treaty
4. Stash your trash (perfect for when there's no bin around)
A banana peel in a glass jar.
Stashed some banana peels in my jar while out and about so I can compost them later!

5. Portable reusable mug- with a spill-proof travel lid!
A smoothie in a glass jar, with a farmers market in the background.
Ask for your drink to be put in your own jar! Most servers will happily do so.

6. Perfect picnic snack storage
A glass jar with a label reading Bruized Pulp Crunch, being used to store cherry tomatoes.
Local cherry tomatoes are always a great choice!
7. Toothbrush holder!
Pack your toothpaste + floss inside while travelling, then use it as a toothbrush holder at your destination!
8. Rustic flower vase
A mason jar being used as a flower vase, atop a stack of books.

No need to clutter your cupboards with extra vases

just for flowers. Image via Wedding Chicks

9. Store your sewing supplies
A jar with a label reading Bruized Pulp Crunch, filled with sewing supplies.
You won't get any needles poking out in this kit!
10. Store your bits and bops

A glass mason jar filled with hair elastics.
Store loose items like hair ties, bobby pins, elastic bands, paper clips, and more!

How do you use your Pulp Crunch jars? Tag us with #BruizedReused on Instagram to show us and for a chance to be featured! Let’s keep the life of these jars going beyond just your Bruized snacks, to reduce waste and incorporate more plastic-free habits in your routine!

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