Bruized is a women run start-up that combats food waste through education and yummy eats. I started this venture with little more than my love for food and passion for sustainability. After working in many kitchen as a line cook and then studying food waste during my last year of university, I saw an obvious connection. The problem outlined in my studies unfolded right before my eyes during my everyday shifts. I was completely shocked that so much food was being wasted and tried my best to reduce it as much as possible - trust me, I took my fair share of leftovers home each night.

This new perspective made me curious about how much edible food was being lost or wasted within our current food system, and what solutions were being offered. I wanted to dig deeper, so I visited local farms and checked out the backs of grocery stores. From the many conversations had, it was apparent that good food going to waste was commonplace, and a real issue across the value chain. An opportunity for change presented itself and thus Bruized was born. 

Monique Chan, Founder.  





Monique Chan Bruized Founder

Monique studied food waste in her last year of university and this newfound knowledge sparked inspiration to create a change in the current food industry. With her complimenting passions of plant-based cooking, sustainability and health, she envisioned a business and community that could highlight all these topics and thus Bruized was born.



Brand Designer + Creative Director

Justice Walz Bruized Creative Director

Justice is an interdisciplinary artist, maker, brand designer, and illustrator based in Toronto. In addition to creating and exhibiting her personal art, she helps Bruized spread their message with her original branding, illustrations, web and graphic design.