Our Philosophy


Bruized is a women run start-up that combats food waste through education and yummy eats. I started this venture with little more than my love for food and passion for sustainability. Having been raised in a frugal upbringing, I grew up very mindful of the waste I produced. Working in the kitchens of restaurants across the city I witnessed horrendous amounts of perfectly good, untouched food  being discarded as regular practice. This new perspective made me curious about how much edible food was being lost or wasted within our current food system, and what solutions were being offered. I wanted to dig deeper, so I visited local farms and checked out the backs of grocery stores. From the many conversations had, it was apparent that good food going to waste was commonplace, and a real issue across the value chain. An opportunity for change presented itself and thus Bruized was born. 


Monique Chan, Founder.


We want you to feel good about what you fuel your body with while helping divert good food from the trash. Our ultimate vision is to create as minimal waste as possible by upcycling imperfect produce destined to be thrown out, into healthy plant-based products. We also strive to do this by promoting a zero-waste lifestyle through offering all our products in up-cycled or reusable materials that customers can continue reusing in their own lives. We believe in the importance of taking responsibility for the earth around us and hope to lead by example through providing a sustainable option. 

Our products are all made from scratch with plants and love in Toronto, ON. Health is very important to us and we want to provide you with the nourishment your body deserves. We create our products surrounding the notion of a whole food plant-based lifestyle in order for you to fully thrive and experience the many benefits this planet offers. 


We are a collective starting a revolution to change our food systems. Join us on this mission.

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