Imparfait - Apple Pie

Say hello to the Imparfait. Rescued local imperfect fruits cooked down into fruity compotes woven between a creamy blanket of chia-oat pudding...now that sounds like a sweet treat. 


Wholesome ingredients all jam packed with love in a jar to fuel your day with the goodness you deserve.


Enjoy for breakfast, a mid-day snack or as a dessert!


Flavour: Apple Pie


Sweet apple compote made from rescued imperfect apples, layered with a creamy chia-oat pudding, a raw coconut crust base, and topped with toasted walnuts!



Ingredients: gluten-free oats*, coconut*, chia seeds*, imperfect apples, oat milk, maple syrup*, walnuts, lemon, vanilla, dates, cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, sea salt 

----- *organic -----

Available at Sorry I've Got Plants

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