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FIBRE - An important part of a healthy diet and why Pulp Crunch is loaded with it

As a dietetics student, I am regularly asked “what is the best thing you can eat?” Unfortunately, there is no one “miracle” food, a healthy diet is based in variety. However, if I could choose one nutrient that comes close, I would choose fibre. Despite its countless sources and several health benefits, fibre is still one of the least glamourized and most underappreciated nutrients in the media. Fibre is available in many foods and many products; you just need to know where to find it. Today, I hope to clear up any misconceptions you may have about fibre, convince you that fibre is a nutrient you want more of and explain why Bruized’s Pulp Crunch can be a great option...

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Food Waste Across the Chain

58% of all food produced is lost or wasted. (Second Harvest)   You already know Bruized is all about fighting food waste by upcycling imperfect produce and juice pulp into our products. Today, we’d like to dig a little deeper to give you a glimpse of food waste across the supply chain in order to foster a better understanding of this problem and learn what actionable steps we can take to reduce waste within our own lives.  Above: Founder Monique Chan holding a bag of imperfect squash.  What actually is food waste? Let’s get some terminology straight - food loss refers to any food that is discarded along the food supply chain before it reaches retail level ¹. Food waste...

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